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Situated North of Durban, in an office suite overlooking the beautiful Indian Ocean, Alan Wills & Associates C.C. (AWANDA) is proud to call South Africa and Africa home. It is from here that we apply our knowledge of technology and chemicals to provide solutions to the wide range of challenges being faced by our customers. We import and distribute niche products and innovative technology solutions for Africa, where they are not available locally. We offer products and product development consulting in: Bitumen based products, Surface coatings, Plastic/Polymer modification, Adhesives & sealants, Composite construction, Functional food packaging and Environmental protection.

Our Offering

Bitumen Modification

High Shear Mixers

Polymer Modification


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Our Purpose

We exist to make life easier for anyone living in Africa 

Our services are aimed at fostering improvements to African businesses that will allow them to provide world class products & services to the consumer. We are driven to aid African businesses adopt creative & strategic thinking to develop innovative solutions & high quality products. Wherever we do business we aim to encourage others to be problem solvers and self starters.

Our Values

We build strong relationships with customers

We apply technical innovation to everything

We want to do business without politics

We want to enable people to sustain themselves

Our Team

Alan Wills


Coral Wills


Favourite Vilakazi 

Sales Support

Grant Wills

Sales Manager

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